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Exterior Emulsion

Exterior Emulsion
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Chem Tech Paint & Coatings is a renowned dealer and supplier of unmatched Magic Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint. This paint is water based pure acrylic wall coating for exterior surfaces. It is an ideal coating for application on exterior walls in dry or humid climates. This paint coat has outstanding adhesion to different substrates like cement plaster, asbestos board, etc.

The dry hard film of Magic 100% is Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint exhibits very good resistance to chalking and does not crack the formulation that takes care of expansion/contraction of the substrate. Apart from regular shades, it is also available in darken shades. It is well fortified with powerful biocides to offer both in can and dry film protection. You can rest assured your cherished home is well protected from a wide array of micro organisms both algal & fungal. The pigments used in Magic 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint are of prime quality to provide years of non-fading, non-chalking brilliance.

Clean the surface thoroughly using wire brush including surface imperfections like cracks and holes are to be filled with a mixture of white cement and fine sand only (in the ratio1:3). For freshly plastered surface, apply a self priming coat by mixing paint and water in equal proportion. Apply 2-3 coats by diluting 1 liter of Magic Exterior Emulsion with maximum 400 ml of water. A gap of 4-6 hours should be given between two coats.

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